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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  February 6, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the blizzard of 2010 continues to bury the entire metro area. this is a live picture in tysons corner nearby 66 shut down this morning. in just a moment, a live report from there. >> to maryland we go. this is what the roads look like in college park in prince george's county. 18 inches so far, folks. >> it is añi whiteout in downto d.c. taking a live look at tough-to-see metro, running this morning. the underground trains are running. otherwise, it isñr tough going getting around in this deep
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snow. thanks for waking up with us on this very snowy morning. good morning. i'm kimberly iters. >> and i'm jim handly. >> congratulations to you. you have power. a lot of people do not and it is a big problem overnight and through this morning. >> this storm has left thousands of people in our area in the dark. the wakt eight of the snow alon with heavy winds have caused several power outages, most in maryland. more than 75,000 customers without power right now over northern virginia. dominion power reporting more than 54,000 people without electricity. the northern virginia electric cooperative is supporting more than 8200 peopleñi in the dark. el cooperative or smeco says more than 1,000 of its customers have no power. they are working to restore power to 20,000 customers most of which are up in baltimore.
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>> power companies have their service crews working around the clock but they don't know where to go unless you call them. dominion virginia should call 1-888-667-3,000. pepco should call 877-737-2662. bge, 1-800-685-0123. if you see any sparking lines or power outages, pick up the phone fast. if you are about to head out, only metro trains are running at underground stations. all service at above-ground stations has been stopped. metro buses and metro access services are not running this morning. the reason ñhy? a little bit of white stuff all around. >> just a little bit. last we saw chuck bell, he was outside in the elements. it was nothing like what we are seeing now. >> when i left here at 7:00, we only had 3, 4, maybe 5 inch of snow around town. that has completely changed.
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give you a little heads up ile repeat this a couple of times. when i woke up this morning, ten minutes to 3:00, i knew it was going to snow. i forecasted the snow. along with bob and tom and veronica. when i pulled the curtain back, i went, wow. >> even you. >> look at all this. >> i'm the snow lover. i think it is great but even i had to go, wow. >> did you drive in? >> i have a little four-wheel drive. most iortantly and the reason i don't recommend anyone else doing that, my commute to work is four miles, straight up massachusetts avenue, which was plowed and plowed and plowed. if you haven't heard a plow come anywhere near your home, don't even think about driving through the neighborhood this morning. ♪ is very deep outside. believe it or not, we have more snow to come. here is a check of the latest advisories. a winter storm warning obviously
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for everybody. the red-shaded counties which include from the city of baltimore through annapolis, prince george's county, the district, charles, calvert and st. mary's county, we are on the western side of the chesapeake bay. both of these go until 10:00 p.m. tonight. we are not quite done with the storm. temperatures are in the upper 20s to right around the freezing mark. windchills are in the teens and low 20s. oh, it is go just going to continue to snow all day long today. here is a check of regional doppler. my colleague, tom kierein, back in storm center 4. good morning, tom. >> hi, chuck. i battled my way in from northern montgomery county. my commute was about 30 miles. it took me about an hourith four-wheel drive and thankfully, a lot of the plows had plowed the major roots. i came down route 108 to georgia avenue 97 and then came down 97
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to connecticut avenue. at some places in there, it had not been plowed. i was sort of making my own road coming through there in several locations. then, finally, came down connecticut and got into northwest. it was a battle. i've got to tell you. because we have had up to two feet of snow. as we look at the radar, we do have an areaçó of still light t moderate snow that's falling in southern maryland. very heavy snow across northern virginia and across much of maryland. snowing hard now all across pennsylvania into the ohio valley. the primary low is now beginning to take shape off of cape hatteras. that's beginning to give us this wrap-around effect with the winds shifting into the north and northwest. does look like it has tapered off and ended in parts of virginia. this isñi going to be wrapping back right on over the immediate region. as we take a look at the local radar, we can see it has tapered off and ended in southern maryland and parts of the eastern shore and throughout much of virginia. from fredericksburg north to
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washington, light to moderate snow, a band of very heavy snow from loudoun county into western fairfax, southern montgomery, northwest washington, northern prince george's, northern anne arundel county, a very heavy band of snow. another band of very heavy snow farther to the north of there. these bands are going to be cranking around and coming through from time to time all the way into this afternoon. we are n done yet. we have had up to two feet of snow in this zone right in here. some of these locations right along the blue ridge, we're going to see perhaps maybe they have already had over two feet right along western fauquier, lauden. that is a zone that's going to see up to 30 inches or more. already, up to two feet in northern montgomery, louden, western fairfax, frederick, howard and the panhandle of west virginia and western maryland. they have had as much as two feet of snow. here is how it is looking for the rest of date today.
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chuck, take it away. >> yes, indeed, our daily forecast, a little easing up in the snow during some of the late morning hours. we have another band of snow coming back for late this morning through the early and mid afternoon hours. if you look outside and see what you have, on average, i think most people will get another 5 to 9 inches of snow and the wind. plus the wind blowing and drifting. >> if you are competing for commutes, tom has got you beat this morning. two feet he started with. >> it's ugly no matter where you have to go if you have to drive. we've got team coverage this morning of the blizzard of 2010. >> we are keeping track of things in tysons corner. elaine reyes from gaithersburg. let's start with julie. how are things looking, julie? >> reporter: welcome to the tysons tundra. that is what i have renamed this
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area. we are at the corner of route 123, cambridge, international drive. this is typical of what we have seen so far this morning. minutes go by without seeing any traffic. that is good news. most of what we have seen are the vdot plows trying to keep up with the snow and keep things clear. you see a couple of cars up at the stop light. somebody trying to get a running start to get across the intercession. it is really icy out here, blowing snow, almost coming straight across. i don't know if you can see that through theamera right now. i was surprised this morning when i got up to find how much work vdot has been able to x÷ r% accomplish. there are 1700 pieces of equipment out in fairfax, prince william and loudoun countys alone. much more in stafford and fredericksburg. they really have been doing a good job of keeping some of these main roads passable. as i say that, that does not encourage anybody to get out on the roads.
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it is hard to see, you can't see any of the lanes. all the snow that has been pushed aside is piled up high. it is really hard to get around and navigate. virginia state police have been very busy since the beginning of this storm. they say, started from about midnight friday, until 10:00 last çónight, they handled some 2300 accidents across the commonwealth of virginia or 2300 calls out on the road, half of those accidents and some of them have involved virginia state troopers themselves. four crashes involving virginia state troopers. one last night at about 6:45 out on the beltway of braddock road. troopers pulled overçãto assist someone and someone ran into their car. you know, again, just another reason not to be out there on the road, because the plows, the emergency vehicles, they need to be doing their work. heard y'all talking about the power outages. when my photographer and headed out, the first thing we were greeted by was one of the blue flashes overhead. as you mentioned, some 55,000
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dominion virginia power customers without pow!j] the would your companies saying if you are without power, shelter and place, stay inside. you don't want to venture ojez this stuff. the tysons tundra. >> that name is going to stick. >> it is going to stick.çi before you go, last night i was driving around northern virginia and noticed a lot of powerñi lis heavy with snow. were you encountering that too, seeing the power lines weighed down, some of them over the top of the middle of the road? >> reporter: i haven't seen that this morning. the blue flashû saw, there was problems on that power line. as i look around me, these lines seem to be farreirly clear. downed trees and branches on top of it adding to the trouble. >> all right, julie, here comes a plow right behind you. you may want to step out of the way. thank you so much, julie. >> we will be checking back throughout the morning. let's move on to maryland. montgomery county is under a
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general declaration of emergency. all normal government operations are closed. only police, fire, and rescue as well as corrections and rehabilitation are operating right now. to report downed limbs and trees, call 240-777-6,000. for medical and other emergencies including downed limbs or trees on live utility wires, call 911. this weekend, all closed government services and facilities, include libraries, rec centers,ñi liquor stores, community use of schools and government facilities and the solid waste transfer station. ride-on is not operating today. a decision about tomorrow will be made later today. >> if we are keeping total, which we are, it is all about numbers. chuck at 4:00 said we had 21 inches in germantown. right now, montgomery county. >> elaine reyes is live in gate thursday burg with the latest. it looks like it is snowing really hard where you are.
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>> reporter: we have what you call the sideways snow. it is coming down. the wind is unrelenting. we are in front of the gagaithe shopping center. we found one brave soul walking around heading to work. this is will lewis. where are you headed to and what was your first thought when you woke up this morning and looked out the window? >> my first thought was, oh, my, gosh this looks like 2003, 2004 when we had that huge snowstorm. it looks just like that. it is not as bad. i don't think it is as bad as that. it doesn't feel as cold. it is bearable but the snow is, like you said, it is 18 inches, two feet.ñiñi wind is unrelenting, blowingçó d gusting but i got to make the pancakes, feed the world.
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that's what we do.ñi gotñi to be out here for these guys that are digging and plowing and doing what they have to do to get the roads cleared for folks. we try to make sure they can come an get a meal if needed. >> do you normally drive or is it easier to walk? >> i normally drive. right now, it is easier to walk. i had to stay locally. my car is just not going anywhere. just g rid of my suv this year. maybe not the best time to do that but it's a little easier to walk. not too bad. i have lived in baltimore when it has been really bad in the winter. this is bearable. we'll live. >> reporter: because the sidewalks aren't clear, you are walking on the street? >> in the middle of the road, in the middle of the road. i'm sure i look like a fool to anybody driving by. it is not so ñibad. people are being kucourteous. >> reporter: stand by with us.
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i am about 5'2". i stepped into some fresh snow here. it is up to my knees, guys, up to my knees. good thing i am wearing snow pants. so what is underneath me ishe sidewalk. sidewalks aren't clear, obviously. will, here, was walking in the road but this is the kind of snow that looks pretty but its not, you know, drifting down, floating down. this is a snow that is very wet. so it just soaks into you. we will be here all morning long. throw it back to you guys and send you more stuff from here. >> there are añr lot of people t walking. have you seen a bunch this morning walking right in the middle of the road? some people even carrying their sleds. they are tough to see if you are a driver and you still have ice on the windshield. it can be a dangerous situation. >> reporter: that's right. we saw a lot of people doing that back in december when we
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had that first big storm. people were getting out. they had to be places. they couldn't get their sidewalks cleared fast enough where you are just waiting for it to slow down so that all your work doesn't go in vain. luckily,ñr there aren't a lot o they are being courteousñi and people like will have to get to work. >> we see some plows and hear some beeping have the that's our cue to say we will check back in a çóbit. we want to move to prince george's county where they are getting between 15 and 18 inches so far. >> derrick ward continues our live team coverage in college park. derrick, you have been in the snow, it seems, forhe last six weeks. how does that feel? >> reporter: it feels -- this is a wet, blowing snow. as you can see, it is sticking to me and on my coat here. let me step out of the way and let you take a better route at what route 1 looks like here.
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it is a wasteland. plows have been through. it is passable. takeñr a look at the flags in t distance. that gives you an idea of the type of wind we are getting here. as someone already called ñiit, the horizontal snow. it is pretty much horizontal here as well. route 1, not a lot of traffic. we want to show you video from earlier this morning. a little bit afterxd 4:00, we h something akin to a traffic jami one car was traveling on route 1 trying to change lanes. there had been that area that hadn't been plowed. that car got caught up. the undercarriage was completely in the snow. the wheels weren't getting any traction. a couple other cars came along, including a snowplow who lost his momentum and he got stuck. that is disconcerting to see one of those big vehicles with the wheels spinning. in the end, it all turned out well. the tow truck happened by. they got that car off of the
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snowbank and subsequent snowplows ha come through and taken care of the bank. that points out something that you need to be aware of if you are, indeed, out driving today. sometimes you inevitably have to change lanes. if you do, that can make a problem. if you have a car with low crowned clearance, another issue you have to be aware of with the snow totals that we have. you may not be able to clear some of the humps in the snow. you can get hung up in them. it is pretty clear here now. not many pedestrians. the only people we have actually seen out are firefighters and a couple csx trucks going up to deal with some of the railroad tracks that run through here and police officers and folks who absolutely have to be out. that's probably the best advice today. obviously, if you don't have to be out, no real reason to be out. be aware that the power outages may be an issue with this wet, heavy snow falling on the power lines and things like that. for the most part, if you can stay in somewhere warm and enjoy
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it, that's the best way to take advantage of this blizzard. live in college park. back to you. >> you are in a busy spot. we can see it and hear it for the first time. a lot of the wind is howling out there. we will be checking back in a bit. on my way in, we were talking about pedestrians. on your way in, the lights were out in some spots. you can't even read the street signs. >> a lot of people are blowing through stop signs. if you are on a hill, it is very difficult to continue the momentum. don't drive if you don't have to. it is not pleasant. the likelihood that you will get stuck is high. if the snow plau geplow gets stt means the rest of us are in trouble. coverage of the blizzard continues next.
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our coverage of the blizzard of 2010 continues. now, it is 6:21 welcome back to "news 4 today," everyone. >> those are pictures from the tysons tundra. at least they have power in that location. a lot of people are waking up without, as you know. >> you can't drive more than a block or two without seeing someone stuck and stranded in the snow. in tysons corner last night, a couple of coworkers on their way home ran right into a ditch. while pushing their car out, a very close car, they lost their footing and the van very nearly hit them. fortunately, they were able to get it out and get on their way.
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it serves as a reminder, if you must be on the roads, you have to go so carefully. look at that. use your head out there. it is so slippery and even with four-wheel drive, the moment you hit a little bit of a slick area, which is all over, you can't control the car. >> you need steel-toe boots. metro has stopped all buses and trains that run above ground. trains are only running between underground stations. for the yellow line, that's between pentagon and crystal city. the green light, between ft. totten and congress heights. the orange line between stadium armory and ballston. for the red line, between medical center and union station and between glenmont and forrest glen. all buses, get this, are suspended until further notice. back in december, we had some problems with that big blizzard. the buses today taking no chances. they halted them pretty early. >> if you had plans to fly out of town today, those plans will
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most likely have to wait until at least tomorrow. all flights in and out of reagan international airport are canceled. most flights from dulles also are canceled. some international flights may operate throughout the day. most airlines have canceled their flights in and out ofbwi martial as well. if you plan on trying to make it to the airport, make sure to call your airlines before leaving. >> you can go on line. international sounds pretty nice. caribbean, south america, anywhere south of the equator looks better. it is not even closer to the beginning of spring. sometimes it feels further away. groundhog day was just a few days ago. that doggone rat predicted six more weeks of winter and here we are with at least six weeks worth of winter falling on top of our heads at the moment. outside, an absolutely wintry scene out there this morning. if you are planning on getting
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out and doing anything, pack your sled, your snow boots, and your hat and your gloves. don't plan on driving anywhere. all the roads are a mess today. we have more snow coming towards us. advisories are out areawide for the remainder of today. in fact, our winter storm warning and our blizzard warning go until 10:00 p.m. tonight. most areas around town are already in the 15 to 20-inch accumulation range and it is still snowing. blizzard warnings remain in effect for the city of washington, the city of baltimore, down towards annapolis, buoy, maryland, prince george's county, upper marlboro, brandywine, over into charles county from port tobacco to waldorf, st. mary's county, leonardtown, california, over into calvert county, huntington, all under the blizzard warning, until 10:00 tonight. temperatures, the only thing that matters, they are below 32 degrees everywhere.
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28, manassas. 30, falls church. 31, the friendly peacock in northwest washington. 27, martinsburg. windchills, upper teens and low 20s. these windchills will lower a little bit during the day as our winds continue to increase as the area of low pressure moving off the delaware coast continues to intensify. we will increase the wind speeds. 28-mile-an-hour at national airport. there is a broader look at the doppler radar. the first area of low pressure moving off the delaware coast. look back into the great state or the commonwealth of kentucky i should say to be proper. another upper area of low pressure coming our way. it promises more snow later on this afternoon. my buddy, tom kierein, sitting in storm center 4 for us this morning, manning the radar and checking in on the snow totals. tom, in any other year, it would have been a great amount. i only had 15 inches of snow at my place in downtown early this
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mornin >> well, areas farther to our north, ten miles farther west and north, up to two feet on the ground. we have other whopping totals in western maryland. we have the primary low spinning away just east of the chesapeake bay. that is beginning to pull off to the north and east. as it does, it is pulling in the northwesterly flow. if you are sitting over eastern kentucky, that's going to be drifting right over our region. all this snow in ohio and west virginia, that's yet to come through. even though it has tapered off and ended in many locations across virginia, southern maryland and the lower part of the eastern shore, we are not done yet. now, as we look at the closer view of the radar, we have one band of very heavy snow now falling near this brighter zone from northern fauquier, southern louden, right into northwest washington. into northern an arundel, a very
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heavy band of snow there. there is another very heavy band of snow along the mason dixon line from baltimore up towards hagerstown. these bands of snow will continue to drift through our region. they had stopped temporarily in southern maryland and into the central ven central shenandoah valley. we have had a whopping 37 inches in garrett county. just heard from a weather watcher out there at the savage river lodge, 37 inches from this storm there so far. closer to washington. panhandle of west rginia, nearly two feet. as has the northern shenandoah valley. 20 inches or so in loudoun county. in western, central howard county, two feet of snow on the ground. prince george's county has had about 15 to 20. about a little over a ft in
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charles county. st. mary's and calvert counties have had about a foot as well. up around just to the west of annapolis, they have had about 20 inches of snow. we are still waiting for reports elsewhere. weather watchers, give us a call. you know the number. we want to hear from you. we want to hear about all the totals. it is difficult to take the snow amount totals because of the way that this wind is whipping up the snow. i had to wade through waist-deep drifts to get out to my truck to get on the road. it took about 20 minutes to walk half a mile. take this seriously. we are going to continue to pile on the snow. isn't that right, chuck? >> absolutely right. more snow on the way as you mentioned there. we could see it on the radar. our planner for the remainder of your day arks lot of spo, a lot see some easing up before a secondary band comes back. in addition to what you already see outside your window, another
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5 to 9 inches. by 9:00 this morning, that first area of heavy snow moving up further to the north. we'll advance it here to 2:00 this afternoon. you can see the wrapping around, that moderate to perhaps heavy snow back into the metro area. by 7:00, the heavy snow finally lifting out. the light snow beginning to move back in. by midnight tonight, the last of ♪ flak snowflakes will have fallen. 18 to 24 inches around the metro. 20 to 30 out toward the blue ridge. only 12 to 18 inches down into southern maryland thanks to a little bit of accumulation there. 5 to 9 more on the way for today. sunshine is back for tomorrow. incase anyone was wondering, we still do the seven-day forecast, we just don't have time to shmu. 30 degrees today. 33 on monday. cold nights coming. tuesday night into early
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wednesday, another chance of rain and snow. it will not be another blizzard. we have to -- now that we have had two in one year, every time you mention snow, people are like, is it going to be a blizzard? we are conditioned now. >> 37 inches in garrett county. >> if you want to send your storm names to me, chuck.bell t at last check, pepco was reporting 80,000 people without power. >> andray francis joins us on the phone. these are big numbers. is there a certain concentration? where are we talking, andray? >> the majority of these outages are in montgomery county. >> tell us how your crews are dealing with this and the timeline that folks can expect on how long they might have to wait. >> well, as of right now, our biggest issue is our crews
6:31 am
actually getting to the actual sites where they are focusing on the restoration. so we don't have specific restoration times. we ask our customers to be safe. hopefully, not use any candles if they are out of power, bulk up with blankets and as many warm things as they possibly can. >> do you have a count, andray, of how many lines are down or how many poles are down? >> last i checked, we have about 56 feeders out. >> what do you mean exactly by that for people who don't know? >> sorry. 56 feeders. the feeders are our main power lines from substations to communities. >> can you give us a sense, andray, is it wind are bringing it down or heavy snow that is bringing down a lot of these lines? >> it is a combination of both. the heavy snow definitely plays a major factor in this. it ends up bringing down tree limbs on lines, which, of
6:32 am
course, causes outages. >> of course, what do you recommend to people if they come upon a downed line or a lot of i low-hanging lines, so lou it appeared to me that if a truck was going through,ñi it might h the roof of a truck? >> the safest thing to do is to treat every line as energized. stay away from power lines. it is definitely a safety issue. call pepco and we will have the list of things to take care of. >> andray francis with pepco, we thank you for taking time out with us. we will be checking back with you. 80,000 right now. hey, wonder if we can expect those numbers to go up. in northern virginia, dominion, virginia is reporting more than 54,000 people without power this morning. the northern virginia electric cooperative or nvec is reporting more than 10,000 people in the
6:33 am
dark. and smeco says more than 10,000. bge is working to restore power to more than 24,000 customers, most of whom are in the baltimore area. they are getting hammered up there too. >> we don't want to fool you and make you feel like it is a monday morning but jerry edwards is here bright and early with us on a saturday morning. >> you made it in. >> good to be here. i tell you what, it is a necessity that we keep everybody informed on how it is going out there. i have been watching the traffic cameras for the last hour or so and, folks, it ain't good. i'll tell you that right now. let's head out and give you a sample. along state 66, eastbound and westbound, west of the beltway near blake lane, not much pavement showing whatsoever. the word of the day is, don't. don't even think about trying to drive. it is not worth it. let's head over and see how we are doing elsewhere. we will show you the trip around town along, i believe, that's going to be i-270.
6:34 am
not quite sure. it has gotten darker here in the last couple of minutes. another round of heavy snow. visibility has been reduced. a few folks are out and about. again, you have got to question their motives. hopefully, they are headed for the hospital or headed to do some good work out there. one more stop. let's go into southeast washington and take the trip around town. this is i-270. making the drive around town. so far, things are absolutely horrible. you don't want to try it. my trip was very, very sharp but very treacherous and i have a four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive suv and i was raised in minnesota. i know how to handle this stuff. it was tough. don't. we are watching the roads. we will keep you updated. a lot of problems in the overnight hours. vehicles abandoned. people gave up and left their cars there. now, the snowplows can't do their job. >> right behind you, how can the snowplows even see a car? >> it is very, very tough. you can see just a little bit of pavement.
6:35 am
other than that, it is pure whiteout conditions. the snow is coming down sideways right now because of the high winds. ynw can see the camera shaking. stay hunkered down. stay inside. don't even think about going out. it is just not worth it right now. >> we just gotçó an alert, 66 i shut down completely. no estimated time toñi reopen i what that alert said. >> they are moving the cameras around to give you a little bit of an advantage right here. you can't seeuch at all. >> jerry, glad you are with us in the house. we appreciate it. we'll stay in touch throughout the morning. meanwhile, our coverage of the blizzard of 2010 continues right after this break. stay with us.
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welcome back tour winter storm coverage. live pictures from college park where they are getting between 15 and 18 inches throughout prince george's county this morning. so far, folks, it's going to be a long, long day. >> the latest total in d.c., 15 inches for those of you curious. if you are just waking up, he are the headlines from the ongoing blizzard of 2010. mounting power problems. more than 100,000 people without power right now. mostly in montgomery county and fairfax. the only thing running for metro, service between underground stations. all flights are canceled at national airport and dulles.
6:39 am
most flights are canceled. you will want to check with your airlines before youead out the door. >> most roads in virginia are downright impassable. >> the state police say they have responded to more than 2200 calls for service since the storm began. julie carey braving the elements at the tysons it tundra. she coined it that. the road look pretty slick out there, julie. >> reporter: they are slick. the good news is, it is very des l lat out here. you see virtually an empty stretch of cambridge road right here in the tysons corner area. i don't think i have ever seen this this quiet out here, not even during the december 19th storm. the plows are doing a remarkable job on these main roads of trying to keep up with this snow coming down. we also just saw a big crew of backhoes come through here.
6:40 am
they are trying to lift some snow. just to give you an idea of what you would encounter, there is nowhere to go. the roads are plowed. there are mountains here, these big barricades if you try to turn into any lots. it is going to be a long time arks coup, a couple of days before a lot of the parking lots get cleared out. another plow coming around the corn. vdot has its full force out there. trying to work 12 on, 12 off. i talked to some of the vdot contractors. some of those guys told me yesterday that they had just loaded up their trucks with everything they would need. some of them were planning to work about 48, 56 hours straight, because, you know, this season has been a big mo y moneymaker for some of the subcontract crews. vdot, 1700 crews across prince
6:41 am
william and fairfax county. a lot more plows down south. some of the main roads have snow pushed aside, very treacherous conditions. you can't often see when the big piles of push snow come up. best to stay at home. >> you cover the virginia legislature. where are they going to get the money it take care of the storm? they are not going to stop plowing the roads and trying to clear them out. >> that's a great question as we reported last week. in northern virginia, they had set aside some $27 million for snow removal and for road treatment this winter. even before last friday's storm, they had blown through that money.
6:42 am
same true across the commonwealth headed into last weekend. their budget was alreadyñi wipe out. lawmakers already have a big deficit on their hands. what it's going to mean right now is there was an emergency fund, by the way, about $25 million in northern virginia they could tap into. without a doubt, that too will be gone by the time they deal with this weekend's snow. that means they will have to start pulling over maintenance money. that's not good news either. this is just one more thing that the general assembly is going to start factoring in. >> early in the year to run out of money. >> we talked to governor martin o'malley, same story there. they have run out of money too. they have spent about $50 million he was saying yet. speaking of maryland, we want to talk about their roads throughout the state. kelly bullware joins us now.
6:43 am
>> the maryland state highway association is facing the same challenges as the district and northern virginia. crews have been out since early yesterday salting. now, we are strictly in a plowing operation. for those watching, they see a few trucks out there. we are strongly advising that the public does not head out. passable for a passenger vehicle is not recommended. we are asking people to stay home today. >> are there any particular roads that are more troublesome. i know side streets is not even an issue. you have a lot of major highways and interstates to deal with. >> absolutely. we are sittingere at operation center. we are seeing a lot of vehicles having trouble navigating the ramp. we are seeing a couple of tractor trailers that have been stuck. once you get off the side if you are lucky, getting to the main
6:44 am
roads is a challenge. if you have to head out, unless you are an emergency personnel, don't do it. staying at home is the best option. >> we know that i-66 is shut down in virginia. any maryland roads being shut down right now that people need to know about. >> currently, we don't have any major interstates closed to travelers but we are seeing some difficulties for those heading out off of our state secondary route trying to reach the interstate. they are getting stuck at the major intersections. crews are out and will continue to be out. we are asking if they don't have to head out, please stay home and allow our crews to do their jobs. >> good advice. we will let you go. i know it is going to be a busy day for you and all your people there. kelly bullware with the maryland high with way administration. >> in a moment, chuck and tom will have your snow totals. a lot of you have been e-mailing in your own findings. our coverage of the blizzard of 2010 continues coming up next.
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6:46 am
6:47 am
welcome back, live pictures again from tysons corner. route 123 and international drive. julie carry has been reporting live all morning long and will continue. she has been calling it the tysons tundra there. we've seen a lot of plows. within five or ten minutes, they have to redo it all over again. >> we could expect anywhere from 5 to 9 more inches on top of this stuff. the plows will continue nonstop until the storm ends well after
6:48 am
the storm. the more they plow, you can see how thick that embankment is. the snow drift very, very deep. this storm, we are right in the middle of it. >> we are. speaking of in the middle of it and speaking of deep, our own tom kierein, what a struggle he had this morning starting out with two feet down from his driveway. >> did you drive the corvette in this morning? >> just sort of skipping over the drifts. well, no. my four-wheel drive truck. my driveway is half a mile long. the truck was out by the road. it took me 20 minutes to trudge through waist-deep drifts to cover that half a mile from my house to the end of the driveway. it is incredibly difficult to get around. if anything is unplowed or unshou unshoveled this morning. it took another hour to get from there down to here in washington. some roads had been plowed. some cases had not.
6:49 am
i was able to make it through with four-wheel drive. it was quite an adventure. i he not seen a storm like this since the blizzard of '78. they had winds over 70 miles an hour with that one. this one, we have had peak winds up to 40, 45 miles an hour on the eastern shore. we have a blizzard warning in effect there. all those counties in red under a blizzard warning. it includes the district of columbia. blizzard warning means we have sustained winds over 35 miles per hour from time to time. that has been happening. heaviest winds are farther to our east. other areas under a winter storm warning until 10:00 tonight. temperatures near 30 degrees. so everything that's falling is certainly sticking. the latest windchills areñi in e teens to near 20 degrees. the peak gts at reagan national, about 30 miles an hour. we have had gusts over 40çóçó m an hour. georgetown, delaware, a gust of
6:50 am
37 miles an hour. 4per+áu have any photos, after e have the daylight, we will be looking for your photos of the snow and drifting, send it to we continue to have bands of moderate to heavy snow over much of northern virginia and much of maryland. snowing from southern new england all across new jersey, all of pennsylvania, into the ohio valley. this is a massive storm that covers an enormous area. the local radar showing one band of heavy snow drifting down out of the north. another one farther north. this band is right in washington. northern prince george's county and anne arundel county, snowing very heavily in southern fauquier and northern prince william. these bands continuing to move down out of the north rotating out of low pressure off of the coast. farther south, the snow has tapered off and ended
6:51 am
temporarily. they have had sleet mixing in here. the snow totals there have not been much. snow totals down that way have been, oh, around 10 inches or so. farther to the north, it ramps up really fast. about 20 inches near annapolis to here in northwest washington. over two feet in howard, northern montgomery, into loudoun county. we have had one whopping total rther off to the west of over three feet of snow reported by a weather watcher out there. other reports around here, snow totals are generally around 20 to 25 inches. chuck, how is it looking? >> it is looking very snowy outside. no doubt about that. also, we want to have request for pictures at the pictures at
6:52 am
storm names at chuck.bell at we are not completely done with the snow. more to come. on average, between now and the time the last flake falls, about another 5 to 9 inches of additional snow. there is our timeline. you see that band of very heavy snow curling back around and coming back through the metropolitan area between 2:00 and 7:00 this evening before it all comes back to an end and snow totals will be copious to say the very least. some of our weather watcher reports, stephanie in gaithersburg, 28 inches of snow. janet in germantown, 24 inches. the folks that are feeling a little less loved from mother nature, down towards daly city in fredericksburg, the seven-day forecast. a little optimism in it as well. sunshine comes back tomorrow. highs only near 30 today and 30 tomorrow. sunshine back sunday and monday. another chance of wintry weather
6:53 am
late tuesday into wednesday. as you look at that, i will mention some of my other totals here. seven inches in fredericksburg and six inches in daly city. folks southbound along i-95 had just enough of a mix where they are feeling a little bit less loved from mother nature. we will turn that around. i still think a lot of spots have another five inches to go. >> names. you need a name like joe or something? >> we could call it the super bowl of snowstorms. >> wouldn't it be great if we were all inside? >> a lot of people are making these measurements. where is the best place to take an accurate measurement? >> don't do it right by your house. you have to go out a ways, pr r preferably over the driveway.
6:54 am
take an average of 5 or 6 inches around. >> a short time ago elaine reyes was measuring up to her knees. where is it now, elaine? >> reporter: let me step back here in a fresh pile. let me tell you, i'm going to nickname this snow the ankle-breaker snow. if you step around, you can break your ankle. >> it looks kneecap busting, elaine? >> reporter: i have stood out here for the last five minutes. i don't know if you can see the snow collect. that's giving you an indication of what you are seeing. we are on 355 near the gaithersburg shopping center. this road luckily is somewhat plowed because of all the people who are working up and down this stretch trying to clear some of the parking lots, the apartment complexes, some of the shopping centers in this area. it is not too bad. i tell you what, this is where
6:55 am
things are going to get interesting here in the next hour or so. light is starting to -- the day is starting to start. we are noticing a couple of brave souls driving through in cars tt you really wouldn't expect. we saw a couple of spinouts. they have so far been able to make their way down the road. i don't know how long that's going to last, though. so mostly people who are working but a couple of people who are trying to get on the road when they shouldn't be. now, we did find some folks earlier this morning. we talked to one guy who was out working the roads. here is what he had to say about what is going on this morning. >> we have been up since yesterday at 7:00 a.m. plowing. i don't want to be out here. the intensity is really coming down inches an hour. a lot of these cars that shouldn't be out here are making things so much worse. they are just getting in our way or causing accidents. it's making our job a lot more
6:56 am
difficult. >> reporter: that's because those trucks are equipped. these guys know how to drive in the snow. we understand that some folks have to try to get to work. we saw a few people walking down this stretch of road to get to work this morning. that's probably the smart thing to do if you have to do that. again, as time goes on, i'm sure we will see a few more people wanting to get out, trying it themselves and getting stuck. hopefully, that won't be the case. we saw that back in december. we'll just have to wait and see how that goes. we are near a gas station. so we are seeing a lot of those plows come in and gas up. not a lot of businesses open just yet. we did talk about some power outages in gaithersburg. where we are located, we are not seeing any of that where we are. so far, a lot of the lights, streetlights, businesses that are opened, gas stations. there is a mcdonald's across the
6:57 am
street. they do have pour out here. >> our experience driving, jim and i were talking about this, if you are driving straight, you are okay. the moment you have to turn, that's when it is easy to loose control. did you experience or witness that? >> reporter: the car that was trying to turn, they had trouble. they were just spinning and spinning and spinning. they were trying to get tracks on the road. so you are right. the problem comes when you have these cars who aren't supposed to be out here. they are kind of backing traffic up. you have plows coming up and down the street. you really can't slow down in this stuff. you just kind of have to keep going. so for some of these cars who can't help it, that's going to start a problem. >> it sure is. stay home. best advice. cannot say it enough. elaine reyes, live in gath
6:58 am
thursday bu thursday burg. coverage continues right after this. (announcer) sinus pressure.
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